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EPMOs - Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Offices

One of our key strategic competencies is to assist our clients to establish, mobilise, manage as well as enhance existing Enterprise Portfolio Programme and Project Management Offices (EPMOs). We utilise the P3O® framework which is a model to deliver a single point of reference for managing effective EPMOs. Our clients can opt for any of the three (3) key solutions that we offer:

Portfolio, Programme and Project Maturity Assessment

Our Portfolio, Programme and Project Maturity assessment focuses on the assessment of an organisation’s maturity at the Portfolio, Programme and Project Management level

As part of embedding Portfolio, Programme and Project management principles, it is important that the organisation first assess its capability or maturity level. Depending on various factors within the client environment, through our interventions we always aim to bring the organisation to Level 3 capabilities. We further outline how levels 4 and 5 may be achieved and the benefits to be gained from each level, should the entity chooses to progress further.

Portfolio Management Services

Part of the key function for the EPMOs is to ensure that the portfolio or programmes deliver value and ensure realisation of benefits.  We thus help entities implement best practice approaches and tools for the delivery and management of the portfolio. These services include:

  • Portfolio Prioritisation and Optimisation
  • Portfolio Governance
  • Portfolio Delivery
  • Benefits Management
  • Risk Management
  • Value Management
  • Resource Management
Programme Management Services

The Programme Management pulls together many of the project management and control competencies into a central function that operates at Programme level. Programme Management is concerned with enabling, assuring and optimising performance across the entire programme. To help realise the programme objectives, our Programme Management Services incorporates:

  • Programme Scope Definition
  • Programme Governance
  • Programme Delivery
  • Programme Assurance and Audit
  • Quality Management
  • Technology-based Solutions
Change Management Services

We implement robust change management strategies to support the people component of change interventions. We realise that the return on investment (ROI) of any change programme is related to how the people side of change is managed. Our change management offerings can help equip your company to drive and sustain change through three areas: Enabling Change, Embedding Change and Sustaining Change.

Some of the key change management activities are assessing the:

  • Organisational readiness for change
  • Stakeholder management
  • Strategic communication and engagement
  • People development
Risk Management

Our risk consulting team helps entities identify risks from different perspectives within an organization - strategic, programme, project and operational – and proactively work with the client to overcome or mitigate risks







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