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Acutech has delivered portfolio, programme and project management consulting, training and technology services for clients that span a number of horizontal industries.  Some of these include:

financial services

We understand the demand placed on Executives in organisations to meet the triple constraints of delivering portfolios, programmes, and projects on time, within budget and specifications. There is increasing pressure to successfully justify the financial investments made while also acknowledging and keeping abreast with the complexity of the local and global financial sector dynamics, increasing regulatory requirements, and the increasingly sophisticated product and service expectations from their customers.

Telecoms and Information technology

We have the appreciation of speedy development and management of go-to-market products and services placed upon technology and telecoms companies, and how project flexibility and agility is critical to the successful implementation of these types of projects due to the fluidity of the market. We have a specialist team of resources who are qualified, accredited, and skilled in various methodologies and technologies applicable for this sector.

Engineering and Construction

We have extensive experience in the delivery of engineering and construction programmes and projects. Our key expertise in the engineering sector, are specifically in Mechanical, Industrial, and Civil engineering. This translates to a comprehensive appreciation of the pressures of time, scope, budget and quality in this industry.


Our services range from establishing a full Enterprise-wide Portfolio Programme and Project Office to the provision of land and agricultural equipment asset verification, and the monitoring and evaluation of Strategic Partner Contracts, and Farm statistics. Over the years we have built a highly skilled team that understand the intricacies of this environment.

Public Sector

We have a good grasp of the unique challenges, dynamics and pressures that apply to public sector programmes and projects. Over the years we have demonstrated strong delivery capabilities supported by our repository of public sector project case studies.

Solar Energy

We had the privilege to be involved in one of the early Solar Water Heater mass roll out programme commissioned by the Department of Energy. Over the years we have developed expertise in the total project management lifecycle of solar projects. We have also developed the capability to establish Project Management Offices (PMO) to project manage the installation of Solar Water Heaters (SWH).

Capital and Mega Projects

We have heavily invested in developing capabilities to deliver and manage mega capital projects through the acquisition of skills and expertise, structured skills development programmes and the necessary tools and systems tools in line with international best practices. Additionally, we have built a global network of major renowned capital project delivery partners as part of our in-house delivery capability. Our mega project expertise spans across the following markets - energy, transportation, water, resources, utilities and large scale infrastructure initiatives.

Other Industries

Other industries that we offers portfolio programme and project management solutions including system implementation and change management services includes:

  • Aviation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare







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